Our Expertise

Research, Recruit, Retain

Integra provides expert recruiters that are experts in their division. We offer Headhunting, Direct Hire, RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and On Premise Recruitment solutions. Our client partnerships are throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. We understand that the top talent is 99% passive talent that you will not find on job boards or obsolete methods of recruitment. Let our Talent Acquisition professionals walk you through what makes us different!

Industries We Serve

  • Enginering
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Call Center
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance

Expertise Quick Links

Sales / Marketing
Construction/Commercial Development
Human Resources
Call Center



The engineering division of Integra has more than 40 years experience in placing top tier professionals at many of the world’s most innovative organizations. As the preeminent engineer recruiting firm, let Integra help you attract the best talent to help grow your company.

Recent Integra engineering positions include:

  • VP of Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Thermal Engineer
  • Tankless
  • Combustion
  • HVAC
  • Industrial
  • Lead Manufacturing
  • Metallurgical
  • Welding
  • Plant Manager
  • Process
  • Senior Designer (CAD)
  • Electronic
  • Materials
  • Systems Supervisor
  • Civil
  • Mechanial
  • Electrical
  • Chemical
  • Project
  • Sr. Project Engineer
  • Production Scheduler
  • Tooling Engineer
  • Reliability
  • Test Engineer


Integra’s Manufacturing Headhunters have over 100 years of combined experience and represent top companies throughout the US, Canada and Mexico! We work for top leading industries that are driven by innovation, growth and emphasis on only hiring proven professionals.

Recent Integra manufacturing positions include:

  • Director of Manufacturing
  • Research Engineer
  • IOT Professionals
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Tankless Engineer
  • Combustion Engineer
  • Plant Engineer


Integra’s specialized IT recruitment team has a focus in one of the fastest growing markets, that’s nonstop and constantly evolving. Integra prides itself on the consultative approach that allows us to place top IT talent with our clients to drive innovation and success.

Recent Integra IT positions include:

  • Data scientist
  • Software engineer
  • UX/UI designer
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Analytics manager
  • Salesforce developer
  • Security analyst
  • Full stack developer
  • Solutions architect
  • Machine learning enhancer


Sales & Marketing

Integra Headhunters understand the value of Sales/marketing and how it drives growth and development. Integra is hired by top North American companies to identify to talent from competitors and vet them for future growth!

Recent positions:

  •  Director of sales
  •  BDM
  •  Tankless Sales Manger
  •  Area Sales Manager
  •  Midwest Sales Director
  •  Channel Marketing Manager
  •  Global Sales Director
  •  Inside Sales VP
  •  Product Manufacturing Sales Manager
  •  Product Design Sales Leader


From customer service to claims processing, Integra’s experienced team of recruiters will connect with you the area’s top insurance professionals. Through our industry experience and North American Knowledge, we will customize unique staffing solutions that deliver powerful results to your bottom line. Our ability to recruit and retain the best talent available ensures that our clients always have the right individual in each position.

Recent Insurance Positions::

  •  Claims Director
  •  VP of Claims
  •  Customer Care Director
  •  Analytics
  •  Claims Adjustor
  •  Loss Control
  •  Workers Compensation
  •  Continuous Improvement
  •  Marketing
  •  Sales
  •  Inside sales
  •  Finance
  •  IT


Our Healthcare Division of Integra is a team of professionals with more than 75 years of combined experience. We are hired by Healthcare practices, Hospitals, Healthcare reimbursement companies and Insurance companies to find top passive talent throughout the US!

Recent Healthcare positions:

  •  Insurance Professionals
  •  Reimbursement Professionals
  •  Field Reimbursement Professionals
  •  Practice Managers
  •  Consultants
  •  Case Mangers
  •  Receptionist (Bilingual)
  •  Surgery Schedulers
  •  Triage
  •  CMA
  •  RN
  •  LPN
  •  NP


Construction/Commercial Development

Integra’s Search and Placement team represents the top Construction and Commercial Development companies in the US! We pride ourselves in identifying top talent that can’t be found on job boards or obsolete methods of recruitment!

Recent positions include:

  •  Engineering
  •  Electrical Engineers
  •  Construction Engineer
  •  Project Mangers
  •  Project Engineers
  •  Superintendents
  •  Estimators
  •  Pre Construction Mangers
  •  Post Construction Managers
  •  PM’s
  •  CAD Professionals
  •  Business Development Managers
  •  CFO
  •  Marketing Manager
  •  Bilingual Professionals
  •  Controller
  •  Cost Accountant
  •  VP of Commercial Development

Human Resources

Integra’s HR search division has a direct focus on sourcing passive talent for our clients! We understand that as a partner in the “profession of people” we can easily identify more than a skill set. We focus on culture fit and our clients unique set of needs!

Recent HR Positions:

  •  HR Generalist
  •  SPHR
  •  PHR
  •  HR Manger
  •  Talent Acquisition Director
  •  Talent Acquisition Manager
  •  Benefits Specialist
  •  401K Administrator
  •  Union Labor Specialist

Call Center

Integra’s Call Center/Shared Services Division understands the art of working efficiently and effectively in a production based environment. Our leaders in this division are well versed in high-volume recruiting and high speed ramp ups from companies hiring needs. Integra’s executive search team had deep experience and understanding sourcing top leaders and management in a call center/shared services environment. Leadership and Culture starts from the top! Our executive search team taps in to passive talent searching to advance their careers with companies that hire us to identify the top 10% of talent within the industry!

Recent Integra center positions include:

  •  Account Managers
  •  Call Center Managers
  •  Call Center Trainers
  •  Help Desk Specialists
  •  Inbound Call Center
  •  Representatives
  •  Inside Sales
  •  Researchers


Integra streamlines the candidate selection process. Our team of Executive Search and Placement professionals know exactly how to tap into the top 10% of passive talent and streamline the hiring process for our client companies.


Integra understands the importance of packaging and delivering a candidate to our hiring managers with full disclosure. A resume is only a marketing document and our professionals are trained to do an in-depth behavioral …..We include a complete breakdown of current compensation packages, a detailed breakdown of candidates macro and micro duties, a true understanding of income progression in their motivation to potentially make a career move.


Integra Executive Search and Placement team is responsible for understanding the strategic talent acquisition goals of our clients and what performance metrics need to be in place to make sure we exceed their expectations. We are here to improve our clients bottom line!